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Self Help Daily Tips provides articles and tips every day on various areas of the self help, or self improvement, field. Most articles presently are oriented towards self help in business. If you have an interest in improving yourself in business, financially, mentally, physically or spiritually, join us.


"I have a great interest in improving myself in all areas and have pursued this for several years. In the process I have found many articles, courses and other items of interest that I wish to share with anyone who is interested."


Holly Cotter -- www.hollycotter.com

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Holly Cotter is a well-known and well-respected business developer. Her specialty is home-based businesses. Her site provides a way to sign up for her regular newsletter and information about the top-notch business coaching and mentoring services she offers. She also offers a special "Unlimited Success Package" that looks like a winner.

Are you trying to make a living online or at home? If so, you might want to consider enlisting Holly Cotter to help you along the way. If you could use some home business coaching and mentoring, go see Holly!

Excerpt: "Let me teach YOU how to build a SIX-figure income in just four short years by following my very simple 4-Step Success System. Believe it or not, you will only have to work about two hours a day to successfully build a business that will support you comfortably for a lifetime."


Puggle Palace -- http://puggle-info.blogspot.com

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Know what a puggle is? You soon will, if you don't, based on the contents of this site related to the mixed breed, half pug/half-beagle dog. Puggle pups are becoming a red hot item and this site provides all sort of puggle information and news. Even links to puggle pictures.

If you want to learn all you can about the puggle, the dog trend that's taking the world by storm, go check out the Puggle Palace.


"t amazes me how high and mighty the purebred crowd gets over this mixed breed thing. You never ever ever ever hear them complaining about all of the mutts out there that millions of people love and keep as housepets. Never. They don't gripe about that at all. Why? Because your average mutt doesn't hurt their dog-breeding business, that's why.

But as soon as a mixed breed emerges that is an economic threat, all of the sudden it becomes hyper-critical to maintain the bloodlines."